Home Warranty

Waters Edge Group’s credo “Excellence in Every Detail” is clearly reflected in our approach to the construction process. Our team of builders and project managers work closely with our homeowners to ensure that all of their expectations are met from initial contract through post construction warranty and support. As an approved member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association we are able to offer an easy-to-read, new homebuyer’s resource guide to home maintenance and care. The Homeowner Handbook details useful and simple steps to take to preserve and protect your new home

Repair and warranty items are clearly stated, so that our responsibilities and simple homeowner maintenance items are defined for almost every component of your new home. One of the purposes of the Homeowner Handbook is to establish Building Performance Standards, which have been approved by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.

The Homebuilding Process and You

Waters Edge Group has chosen to voluntarily adopt the Building Performance Standards as approved by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association in order ensure that you are provided a professional approach to customer service

As you move through the exciting and sometimes complex process of maintaining a new home, the Homeowner Handbook provides you with plenty of useful information

New Home Expectations

The expectations you and your family have about your new home are very important to us. The Homeowner Handbook provides you with important information from both before and after you move into your new home.

New Home Living

As the proud owner of a brand new Waters Edge Group home, you’ll want to make sure you fully understand everything about your home, from interior appliances to exterior siding. Be sure to take the time to consult the Homeowner Handbook for helpful information that will ensure the long-term value of your home.

The care and maintenance of your new home is a continual process from the moment you take ownership. It doesn’t take hours of spare time or any technical expertise to establish a home maintenance schedule that works. The Homeowner Handbook provides a step-by-step guideline for almost everything in your new home. It will be a useful reference manual for you throughout the building process and for many years to come.

The Handbook

The Homeowner Handbook is organized alphabetically. Subjects begin with Appliances and ending with Wood. Each chapter elaborates on homeowner maintenance responsibilities and advice followed by Waters Edge Group’s responsibilities. At the end of each chapter, are helpful tips. The handbook uses symbols to help easily identify the following related sections and topics